Don’t Forget to Recycle Your Tree

by Angela on December 4, 2011

Now that the holidays are over, we begin the task of taking down the decorations. For some reason taking them down is always more work, in my opinion, than putting them up! Just as a reminder, read my previous article on Christmas tree recycling. I know tomorrow and next Wednesday are the only two days […]

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Everyday Deals: Sigg Water Bottles 50% Off

by admin on June 24, 2011

SIGG makes bottles that are ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately, easily recycled.  SIGG bottles are also certified and free of harmful chemicals.   All ingredients inside their bottles are free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), Phthalates, BPA, etc. Various Kid and Adult size Sigg water bottle designs are on sale from now until Monday 6/27. […]


Today is Earth Day… let’s celebrate it!   By now most of you have probably figured out ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  But how about ways to include your kids on helping the environment?? I frequently get asked about how I teach my kids about our carbon footprint.  Here are some things I’ve done this […]


My Gift Wrap Theme This Year….Green!

by Angela on December 17, 2010

Every year I try to have a “theme” with my gift wrapping.  I know that sounds so Martha Stewart but it actually helps me keep things organized as well.  Two years ago I did a blue and white snow theme, and last year I did a monogram theme where every gift had a tag with […]

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Did you know that North Americans produce 25% more waste during the holidays, which equates to about 25 million extra tons of garbage going to our landfills?!  I read this on Whole Foods’ website and was shocked.  Then I felt guilty because I know for a fact that I contributed to this number last year […]

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