Anyone ever buy vegetables for a great recipe but then have to throw them out because you forgot about them sitting in your fridge? Yeah, me neither. So I may or may not have wasted at least one good container of shaved Brussels sprouts before finally making this yummy, healthy breakfast recipe. It was super […]


Breakfast Meal Prep: Egg Muffins

by admin on September 20, 2018

I’ve come to the realization that FOOD causes a lot of my every day stress. I worry about the food budget (second largest expense we have each month).  I worry about if I’m feeding my family healthy food.  I worry about what food to pack the kids for lunch. I worry about what food is […]


This recipe caught my eye on Pinterest, my new addiction.  I’m always trying to find new ways to prepare Quinoa and we have featured a few on this site already: Black Bean Quinoa Burgers Crispy Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds Red Quinoa Avocado Salad Breakfast […]


Meat Free Monday: Potato Soup

by Deena on January 17, 2012

Today’s recipe is homemade potato soup.  I decided on this recipe  this version had cilantro in it which I hadn’t really seen in other versions of potato soup.  This recipe requires a little bit of time for it to all come together maybe about close to an hour from prep to table.  And it’s not […]


Meat Free Monday: Spinach Lasagna Rolls

by Angela on January 9, 2012

About a year or so ago the hubby suggested I join FA…you know, Facebook Anonymous.  Okay, I admit I Facebook a lot (isn’t admitting I have a problem the first step to recovery?).  I knew it was a “problem” when my kids started saying, “Hold on, I’m Facebooking” during their pretend play or my oldest […]


Meat Free Monday: Penne with Vodka Sauce

by Deena on January 2, 2012

Here’s hoping you had a great start to the New Year.  Personally, I spend every January 1st with my entire family celebrating the new year with our traditional Southern meal: Ham, Black Eyed Peas, Collard Greens and Corn Bread.  The black eyed peas and collard greens are supposed to represent dollars & sense and bring […]


My first mistake with this recipe is I tried to pass it off on the hubby as a main dish.  He didn’t buy it…not for one second.  It seemed like a hearty meal to me, but he says he would prefer it as a side in the future (maybe so he can choose not to […]


Meat Free Monday: Tomato Soup v2

by Angela on December 13, 2011

So this is how this recipe made it on the menu.  I bought one of those big clam shells of tomatoes from Costco and I didn’t want them to go bad.  So I pulled up the last recipe I tried for tomato soup.  Two things from the ingredient list were missing in my house….drats.  Normally […]


Fish Fridays: Scampi on Couscous

by Angela on December 7, 2011

Let me first say, I don’t even know if shrimp is considered fish, and, actually, when I say that outloud, it doesn’t sound right.  So I’m guessing not.  But it’s close enough in my opinion, so I’m going to include it for Fish Fridays! I get a lot of recipes from either cooking shows or talk shows, […]

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A friend of ours sent us this meat free recipe to try out.  I love that Angela and I (along with our families) have become “official” taste testers for meat free recipes. My oldest son, Owen, and I loved this recipe.  The rest of the family not so much – which I expected since […]