If you’ve decided to join us on the 28-day Whole Living challenge or just want to read along to see our progress, we will be starting the action plan this Monday, January 3rd.  So in order to prepare for the first week, Whole Living has some suggestions to get ready over the weekend. Start sipping […]

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Channeling my inner yogi

by Angela on September 16, 2011

My friend invited me to go to yoga with her the other night.  This is all fine and dandy except it was only my second yoga class ever, I don’t consider myself much of a “zen” person, and my first thought when someone mentions yoga is the movie Jacka**.  I don’t mean to offend any […]


100 What by When?

by Angela on August 30, 2011

So here’s the deal…I bought myself one of those car magnets that says “Runner Girl”.  The thing is, I’m not a runner girl.  I’ve run one half marathon and a couple shorter races, but that’s it.  That hardly qualifies me as a runner.  I bought the magnet because I want to be a runner girl.  […]


Soul Cycle spinning out of control

by Deena on July 29, 2011

I’ll admit it I am addicted to Soul Cycle.  But it’s more of a love/hate relationship.  It’s one of those classes where glance down at your watch and think  God help me…  it’s only been 5 minutes.. ARRGGGHHH  I have 40 more to go.  Yes! it is that intense…  And the sense of  relief when […]


So, I got burnt out on running recently… Mostly I think because I get bored running on the treadmill.  Really it doesn’t matter what TV show is on about 30 minutes into the run I just want to get off the treadmill.  I’ve run some mileage outside recently but it’s so darn hot… I mean […]

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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off to the Gym I Go…

by Angela on July 15, 2011

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about working out, running and just exercising in general and she said to me she doesn’t go to the gym to exercise because, “the gym intimidates me.”  GASP!  No excuse I say (although not to her face).  But seriously, the gym can be an […]

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Everyone has an animal on their head…

by Deena on April 2, 2011

So how do I know when the weekend has started??  Well everyone has an animal on their head, of course.    Every Friday after work, I head to my parents house to pick up my youngest son.  We also have a weekly tradition that we’ll sit around enjoying a glass of wine to catch up while […]


We’re at the end of week 1 of the Whole Living 28-Day Challenge detox program and all I can say is that I’m striving for improvement not perfection ;).   The week started out great.  Went the whole day Monday without any foods or drinks on the “no-list”  (dairy, wheat/gluten, peanuts, soy, alcohol, corn, all added sugars, […]


Let the challenge begin!   This week is all about paring down, purifying and simplifying. Week 1: Overview Meals: So this week we are cutting out all processed foods.  We are also removing  wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.  We will gradually add the second group back in over then next couple weeks, paying attention to how […]


Whole Living 28-Day Challenge…Join Us!

by Angela on December 29, 2010

Recently I subscribed to Whole Living and Natural Health magazines and just received my first few copies this week.  The first thing that caught my eye was the Whole Living 28-Day Challenge Action Plan on the front cover.  I thought, what a great way to start out the new year! I read more about it […]

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