Meat Free Monday: Stuffed Zucchini

by Angela on July 9, 2012

I’m still getting my weekly veggie box from Washington’s Green Grocer and we are loving it!  It has really forced me (in a good way) to make use of vegetables more in my family’s daily menu.  One vegetable we get a lot of is zucchini and yellow squash (I guess that’s 2, isn’t it?!).  So […]


And we’re back…at least for today.  I’m trying to get back into the whole blog writing thing again.  It’s hard after all that has gone on over the past few months.  But the whole reason Deena and I started this blog was to research and share things we learn about health and fitness and disease […]


Washington’s Green Grocer

by Angela on April 23, 2012

My vegetable selection when I go grocery shopping is pretty limited.  I buy the same few every time.  Broccoli is a very common side dish in my house…steamed broccoli, roasted broccoli, yup, that’s about it.  So I thought if I joined one of those CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) or some other vegetable delivery service, maybe […]


Meat Free Monday: Eggplant Parmesan

by Deena on March 12, 2012

For today’s Meat Free Monday Recipe I combined 2 different recipes I found for Eggplant Parmesan into one. I did this for 2 reasons, first I didn’t want to fry the eggplant, I wanted to bake it so that it would be healthier. And secondly I didn’t want to use a jarred tomato sauce I […]


Meat Free Monday: Quinoa Burgers/Patties

by Angela on February 27, 2012

Last month I shared a similar recipe, Cheesy Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Garlic Aioli Sauce.   And while I liked that one a lot, I looooove this one.  I do think the name is misleading…quinoa burger.  I guess if you made them nice and thick and put them in a bun, I’d call them a burger.  […]


This recipe caught my eye on Pinterest, my new addiction.  I’m always trying to find new ways to prepare Quinoa and we have featured a few on this site already: Black Bean Quinoa Burgers Crispy Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds Red Quinoa Avocado Salad Breakfast […]


Meat Free Monday: Potato Soup

by Deena on January 17, 2012

Today’s recipe is homemade potato soup.  I decided on this recipe  this version had cilantro in it which I hadn’t really seen in other versions of potato soup.  This recipe requires a little bit of time for it to all come together maybe about close to an hour from prep to table.  And it’s not […]


Meat Free Monday: Spinach Lasagna Rolls

by Angela on January 9, 2012

About a year or so ago the hubby suggested I join FA…you know, Facebook Anonymous.  Okay, I admit I Facebook a lot (isn’t admitting I have a problem the first step to recovery?).  I knew it was a “problem” when my kids started saying, “Hold on, I’m Facebooking” during their pretend play or my oldest […]


Meat Free Monday: Penne with Vodka Sauce

by Deena on January 2, 2012

Here’s hoping you had a great start to the New Year.  Personally, I spend every January 1st with my entire family celebrating the new year with our traditional Southern meal: Ham, Black Eyed Peas, Collard Greens and Corn Bread.  The black eyed peas and collard greens are supposed to represent dollars & sense and bring […]


My first mistake with this recipe is I tried to pass it off on the hubby as a main dish.  He didn’t buy it…not for one second.  It seemed like a hearty meal to me, but he says he would prefer it as a side in the future (maybe so he can choose not to […]